Posted by: profitrain | July 26, 2011

Sweets Syndrome – An inspirational story

Sweets Syndrome – Help build awareness

I came across Kim Townsend-Jones and her Sweets Syndrome Support Site and just felt I had to share it with as many people as I could.

Sweets Syndrome has no known cause, no cure and the story of Kim Townsend-Jones is nothing short of inspirational.

Please take time to find out a little about this condition that are anywhere between mildly irritating to a medical nightmare that would not be wished on anyone.   Visit the site –   The Sweets Syndrome Support Site

Kim tells her story and others have contributed their experiences.

Each story adds a little more to the picture and helps fill gaps between what the medical fraternity can or are able to tell and how those who experience this condition manage their lives.

Perhaps you have contacts who can help Kim get the message out and help the medical world discover how to beat this condition –  Sweets Syndrome and relieve sufferers of their physiological and psychological pain.


  1. It’s almost been 2 years since you posted this. But, I thank you! I too am on a mission to get the attention of the media, medical researchers and the public.

    I’ve created two blogs and a Facebook page dedicated to Sweet’s awareness. I’ve even created shirts for patients and their families to wear to appointments.

    I’m a huge fan of Kim’s and am grateful for her brave and valiant efforts to expose this horrid disease.

    You don’t know how happy you’ve made me by blogging on her behalf!

    • Thank you for your kind comments.
      This is a disease that needs much promotion because the effects on the patient and all who know them are significant.
      The lack of knowledge about the variants make diagnosis difficult and providing a reliable prognosis very difficult.
      I will share your work.

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